Rahim Jelini

Rahim Jelini (b. 1968)

He is the author and the coauthor of 39 (published, not published, and under press) books on Germanic linguistics, English & Persian language, history, AI & computer, plasma physics & fusion, geophysics, and chemical engineering, as well as 66 articles and research papers.

As a resume of the author’s works during nineteen years, there is the following list which summerizes his projects, books, articles, and reports (all in Persian).

Previous to his current job (as manager) at Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, the author was researcher at the industrial laboratory of Spidar Chemie Company (1990-1992) and Toos Institute of International Communication (1993-1994). he was translator of the ARSI’s Research Centre of Strategy during 1995 and 1996, and researcher on civilization studies at central division of the ARSI (1996-1997).



1. Plasma Physics & Nuclear Fusion

Mirror Fusion Test Reactor (MFTR) Project, 1988.

A Concise Course in Plasma Physics & Nuclear Fusion, 1988.

Spacecraft Propulsion, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, under press.

Plasma Astrophysics, 1988.

Computer Simulation in Nuclear Engineering, 1988.

Nuclear Processes of Fission & Fusion, (transl.), 1993.

Infrared Radiation & Its Application, (transl.), 1986.

Gravitational Waves, ARSI, monograph, 1997.

Formation of Solar System, 1993.

2. Geophysics

A Concise Course in Plate Tectonics, 1994.

Planet Tectonics, 1993.

A Neotectonic Theory, 1993.

Eotvos Force on the Lithosphere, (transl.), 1993.

Radiochronology: Radiometeric-dating, ARSI, monograph, 1997.

Geologic Time, ARSI, (transl.), 1997.

3. Artificial Intelligence & Computer Software

Research Programme on Intelligent System, 1987-2000.

Dictionary of Computer, 1998.

Natural Language Processing, Javedan-Kherad Press, 1995.

Expert Systems, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, under press.

Visual Basic 6, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, 1999.

Computer-Aided Design, Javedan-Kherad Press, 1995.

Papers on Uncertainty, Abduction, Medical Expert Systems, and Statistics & Computer, (transl.), 1993.

4. Electronics & Control Systems

Dictionary of Electronics & Computer Technology, not published.

Glossary of Electrical Engineering, 1993.

Control of The Heart, (transl.), 1988.

5. Chemical Technology

Hydrogen: Production & Application, Spidar Chemie Company, 1991.

Ceramic Pigments, Spidar Chemie Company, 1990.

Industrial Processes of Inorganic Compounds, Spidar Chemie Company, 1991.

Three Reports on Industrial Minerals, Xerox and Printing Inks, Spidar Chemie Company, (transl.), 1991.

6. Philosophy

Encyclopedia of Philosophy, compiling.

Lexique Philosophique, Javedan-Kherad Press, 1995.

Rhazes and Russell, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, under press.

Lateral Thinking, Research Centre of Strategy, (transl.), 1995.

7. Sociology

Dictionary of Sociology, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, under press.

Glossary of Philosophy and Social Sciences, not published.

Sociology of Computer, monograph, 1997.

Sociology of Management, ARSI, monograph, 1997.

Sociology of Technology, ARSI, 1996.

Left and Right Tendencies, 2000.

Anatomy of Two Revolutions, 1999.

A Survey on State Documents [1967-1977], 1994.

Sociology of Religious Societies, 1999.

8. History & Civilization Studies

The Probable Situation of Atlantis: Mesopotamia, 1998.

Civilization Engineering Research Project, 1998.

Civilization Studies: Phase 1- Human & Biosphere, ARSI, 1998.

Several Papers on Civilization, 1998.

Historical Demography of Civilizations, ARSI, 1996.

Index of the World Civilizations, ARSI, 1996.

Study of Civilization, ARSI, 1997.

Technology and Civilization, ARSI, 1996.

Evolutionism: Gradual Creation Theory, ARSI, 1997.

Evolution History, ARSI, 1996.

Statistical Data on Civilization Study, 1997.

History of Balkans, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, under press.

History of Fino-Ugric Languages, monograph, 1988.

History of Germanic People, monograph, 1987.

History of Early England, monograph, 1994.

Prehistoric Greece, (transl.), 1994.

9. Germanic Linguistics

Grandriss der Deutschen Philologie: A Research Programme, 1987.

History of Germanic Languages, monograph, 1987.

Deutsch-Persisch Worterbuch, 1988.

Naturwissenschaften und Technik Worterbuch, 1992.

Essential Vocabulary of Dutch-Persian & Persian-Dutch, 1992.

Danish-Persian Dictionary, 1991.

Indogermanic Morphemes, 1987.

Comparative Vocabulary of Indogermanic Languages, 1999.

10. English Language & Linguistics

The R.I.E. Research Programme, 1998.

Iranian Culture in the West, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, 1999.

Scandinavian Words in English, 1997.

The English Words Borrowed from Dutch and Afrikaans, 1997.

Modern Celtic Loan Words in English, 1997.

Rayan English-Persian Dictionary, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, 1999.

English Pronunciation, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, under press.

English 2000, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, under press.

Persian-English Dictionary, 1995.

English-Persian Dictionary of Current Idiomatic, 1994.

English Etymology, 1995.

English Dictionary , compiling.

Scientific Translation, 1997.

11. Strategy & Research

What’s Strategy – And Does It Matter?, Research Centre of Strategy, (transl.), 1995.

Research & Development in South Korea, Research Centre of Strategy, (transl.), 1996.

Basic Research in Japan, Rahyaft Magazine, 1996.

Five Papers on Strategy, Research Centre of Strategy, (transl.), 1996.

Scientific System of Managing Research Projects, ARSI, monograph, 1997.

Organizational Strategy, Research Centre of Strategy, (transl.), 1996.

Organizational and Behavioural Aspects, Research Centre of Strategy, (transl.), 1996.

Technology Transfer: Industrialization in Developing Countries, (transl.), 1996.

Scientific Criticism, 1997.

Plagiarism, 1998.

Present Challenges in Iran’s Research System, 1999.

Creative Design of an Information Centre (Report to TIIC Institute), 1993.

12. Romance Languages

Morphology of French Language, 1992.

Dictionario Italiano Persiano, 1994.

13. Persian Language & literature

Persian-English Lexicon (LPE Programme), 1990.

Auflistung der Schahname (Firdosis Schahname Lexikon), 1991.

The Edited Divan of Hafiz, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, under press.

Modern Persian Dictionary, Rayaneh-Pardaz Press, under press.

Shahnameh Studies, monograph, 1990.

A Comparative Survey on Iranian Etymology, 1999.

Indogermanic Roots of Modern Persian, 1999.

Persian Verb Patterns, 1994.

Persian Syntax, (transl.), 1987.

Speech Patterns of Persian Language, (as index), 1993.

Persian Pronunciation, , monograph, 2000.

A Glossary of Sa’di’s Gulistan, 1989.

A Short Glossary of Old Persian, 1988.

Basic Grammar of Persian Language, 1989.

Persian S/W Patterns, 1994.

The life of Ibn Sina, (transl.), 1987.